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New poster from ISAC Infection Prevention & Control Working Group

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New article on Control of Candida auris in healthcare institutions.

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Current Officers

A Voss


Andreas Voss

A Widmer


Andreas Widmer

E Tartari


Ermira Tartari

P Collignon


Peter Collignon

All Members

Emine Alp (Turkey)
Fatma Amer (Egypt)
Brenda Ang (Singapore)
Le Thi Anh Thu (Vietnam)
Hanan Balkhy (Arabia)
Purabi Barman (India)
Luis Bavestrello (Chile)
Michael Borg (Malta)
Vincent Cheng (Hong Kong)
Nizam Damani (UK)
Lieve Debruyne (Belgium)
Angela Dramowski (South Africa)
Michael Edmond (USA)
Rehab El-Sokkary (Egypt)
John Ferguson (Australia)
Dale Fisher (Singapore)
Leanne Frazer (Australia)
Alex Friedrich (The Netherlands)
Petra Gastmeier (Germany)
Abdul Ghafur (India)
Achilleas Gikas (Greece)
Tom Gottlieb (Australia/NZ)
Manuel Guzman (Venezuela)
Alfonso Guzman (Venezuela)
Joost Hopman (The Netherlands)
Po-Ren Hsueh (Taiwan)
Bije Hu (China)
Inge Huijskens (The Netherlands)
Aamer Ikram (Pakistan)
Namita Jaggi (India)
Mitsuo Kaku (Japan)
Nikki Kenters (The Netherlands)
Eui-Chong Kim (South Korea)
Marjolein Kluytmans - van den Bergh (The Netherlands)
Axel Kramer (Germany)
Andy Lee (Australia)
Kwanglong Lee (South Korea)
Monica de Leeuw (the Netherlands)
Gabriel Levy Hara (Argentina)
Moi-Lin Ling (Singapore)
Andy Lee (Australia)
Birgitta Lytsy (Sweden)
Shruti Malik (Saudi Arabia)
Lorena Matta (Columbia)
Kails Marimuthu (Singapore)
Ziad Memish (Arabia)
Leonard Mermel (USA)
Shaheen Methar (South Africa)
Ruth Meinke (Germany)
Marrigje Nabuurs (The Netherlands)
Miki Nagao (Japan)
Fortune Ncube (UK)
Awa Ndir (Senegal)
Babacar Ndoye (Senegal)
Margaret O'Donoghue (Hong Kong)
Eli Perencevich (USA)
Leen Pollet (Belgium)
Simona Maria Purrelo (Italy)
Dianelys Quinones (Cuba)
Yogandree Ramsamy (South Africa)
Ossam Rasslan (Egypt)
Behzad Razavi (Germany)
Tom Riley (Australia/NZ)
Victor Saravia (Venezuela)
Katja Saris (The Netherlands)
Marin Schweizer (USA)
Wing Hong Seto (Hong Kong)
Atef Sibel (Arabia)
Carlos Starling (Brazil)
Stefania Stefani (Italy)
Paul Tambyah (Singapore)
Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha (Vietnam)
Athanassios Tsakris (Greece)
Sarah Tschudin (Switzerland)
Serhat Unal (Turkey)
Margreet C. Vos (The Netherlands)
Shuk Ching Wong (Hong Kong)
Li Yang Hsu (Singapore)



How to Join

Members of an ISAC Member Society are eligible to join any of our Working Groups. If you are a member and would like to join this group, please contact the Chairperson and Secretary (if applicable).

Aims and Objectives

While ISAC has many sections/working groups (WG) on healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and antimicrobial resistance/stewardship it was lacking a WG on Infection Prevention and Control (ICP). Due to the emergence of MDR-m.o.’s and an ever-increasing incidence of old and new infectious diseases, control and prevention of HAIs has become of utmost importance.

The new IPC Working Group is aimed at international cooperation with regards to education, research and practical guidelines in the broad field of infection control and prevention in healthcare settings (primarily hospitals and nursing homes).

All those interested in infection control and prevention are welcome to join the group. To ensure new ideas and future continuity, we especially welcome “younger colleagues/future leaders". The general ISAC guidelines are applicable.


November 2016 Essentials in Healthcare-associated Infection Prevention and Management, (EUCIC-SHEA-ISC course), Vietnam
September 2016 Expert meeting "Patient involvement to prevent SSI"
May 2016

Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring 2016 Conference: Science Guiding Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia:

Are there Global Standards for Endoscope Reprocessing Methods?

The Possibilities of Innovative Automated Tools for Hand Hygiene Compliance Measurement

April 2016

26th ECCMID, Amsterdam. Poster presentation of IPC group work:

International survey on the current practice of endoscope-reprocessing

November 2015 6th Southeast European Conference on Chemotherapy and Infection (SECC), Thessaloniki, Greece.

Infection prevention and control measures, where are we and where will we be in 2020?
2013 ICC 2013 Meeting Yokohama, Japan
2011 ICC 2011 Meeting Milano, Italy

Projects / Publications


Ermira Tartari*,Katja Saris*, Nikki Kenters, Kalisvar Marimuthu, Andreas Widmer, Peter Collignon, Vincent Cheng, Shuk Ching Wong, Tom Gottlieb, Eli Perencevich, Paul Tambyah, Benedetta Allegranzi, Angela Dramowski, Michael Edmond, Members of the ISAC-IPC working group, Andreas Voss On behalf of: ISAC, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Working Group

View the poster here:



Influenza Suvery: exploring views and behaviour of the general public in the face of influenza. Take there survey here.


Infection Prevention & Control Annual Report 2017

November 2016

Global variances in infection control practices for vancomycin resistant Enterococcus – results of an electronic survey

August 2016

Environmental Cleaning Survey - assessing the global cleaning and disinfecting practices in hospitals - survey is now closed.

May 2015

Preparedness of institutions around the world for managing patients with Ebola virus disease: an infection control readiness checklist


Survey on current endoscope reprocessing practices - survey is now closed and manuscript is in preparation



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