ISAC Meritorious Membership is conferred upon persons who have extraordinarily contributed to, and supported the aims of ISAC. In 2019, ISAC Meritorious Membership is awarded to Professor Ian Gould who has served on the ISAC Executive Committee since 2005 as an Ordinary Member, Treasurer, Secretary-General, President and Immediate Past-President.

2019 Awardee

Professor Ian Gould is a Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Microbiology Department, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, UK.

Previous Awardees

2017 Teresita Mazzei
2015 Gabriel Levy Hara
2015 George Petrikkos
2013 S. Kohno (Japan), W-H. Seto (Hong Kong)
2011 A. Novelli (Italy), V. Lim (Singapore)
2009 M. Yagisawa (Japan), T. Matsumoto (Japan), D. Hooper (USA), R. Saginur (Canada), M. Joffe (Canada)
2007 E. Akalin (Turkey)
2005 R. Feld (Canada), J. Kumazawa (Japan), F. Moosdeen (Malaysia), R. W. Sidwell (USA), T. Tupasi (The Philippines)