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Current Officers

D McIntosh


David McIntosh

H Mikamo


Hiroshige Mikamo

S Unal


Serhat Unal

M Ramirez


Mario Ramirez

All Members

Chris Blyth (Australia)
Pablo Bonvehi (Argentian)
Cheng-Hsun Chiu (Taiwan)
Chih-Hsien Chuang (Taiwan)
Robert Cohen (France)
Ron Dagan (Israel)
Javier Garau (Spain)
Peter Hermans (The Netherlands)
Walerie Hryniewicz (Poland)
Satoshi Iwata (Japan)
Jana Kozakova (Czech Republic)
Roman Kozlov (Russia)
Paula Krizova (Czech Republic)
Shabir Madhi (South Afrtica)
Jose Melo Cristino (Portugal)
Nobuhiko Okabe (Japan)
Kasunobu Ouchi (Japan)
Jordi Rello (Spain)
Markus Rose (Germany)
Isatou Sarr (UK)
Atef Shibl (Saudi Arabia)
Daniel Stecher (Argentina)
Robert Steffen (Switzerland)
Carla Vizzotti (Argentina)

How to Join

ISAC Working Groups are open to new members with a strong interest and relevant experience in the given field. To join an ISAC Working Group, please contact Fee Johnstone, ISAC Executive Officer with your name and a brief C.V. We welcome new members!

Aims and Objectives

To complement the work of the International Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, an Immunisations and Vaccines Working Group has been formed. It consists of a group of world experts in vaccinology, immunology, public health and therapeutics.

We aim to foster the international exchange of ideas and new research into all aspects of vaccinology, from the development of new vaccines to epidemiology and immunobiology, moving through access, use and acceptance of vaccines.

Future / Ongoing Activities

  • Developing e-modules for the ISAC-Academy.
  • Prepare a workshop for regional meeting in Lebanon, March 2020 **Cancelled due to COVID-19**
  • Prepare the Tirana Albania workshop in March 2021 ****Cancelled due to COVID-19**
  • Provide submissions for ICC Perth 2021 **postponed until November 2022**


September 2015

ICC/ICAAC 2015, San Diego - 

1) Meningococcal symposium (Jessica MacNeil, Scott Halperin, Paul Kristiansen, Paul Offit, Markus Rose)

2) Pertussis meet-the-experts

3) Healthcare-associated infection symposium

Projects / Publications

Chris Blyth                                
  • Hansford, J.R., Phillips, M., Cole, C., Francis, J., Blyth, C.C., Gottardo, N.G. 2014, 'Bacillus Cereus bacteremia and multiple brain abscessess during acute lymphoblastic leukemia induction therapy', JOURNAL OF PEDIATRIC HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY, online, pp. 5pp. Detail
  • Moore, H.C., Lehmann, D., De Klerk, N.H., Smith, D.W., Richmond, P.C., Keil, A.D., Blyth, C.C. 2014, 'How Accurate Are International Classification of Diseases-10 Diagnosis Codes in Detecting Influenza and Pertussis Hospitalizations in Children?', Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society, Online, pp. 6pp. Detail
  • Ingram, P.R., Cheng, A.C., Murray, R.J., Blyth, C.C., Walls, T., Fisher, D.A., Davis, J.S. 2014, 'What do infectious diseases physicians do? A 2-week snapshop of inpatient consultative activities across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.', CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 2014, pp. 8. Detail
  • Blyth, C.C., Richmond, P.C., Jacoby, P.A., Thornton, P., Regan, A.K., Robins, C., Kelly, H.A., Smith, D.W., Effler, P.V. 2014, 'The impact of pandemic A(H1N1)pdm09 influenza and vaccine-associated adverse events on parental attitudes and influenza vaccine uptake in young children', Vaccine, 32, 32, pp. 4075-4081. Detail
  • Moore, H.C., Jacoby, P.A., Hogan, A.B., Blyth, C.C., Mercer, G.N. 2014, 'Modelling the seasonal epidemics of respiratory syncytial virus in young children', PLoS ONE, 9, 6, Detail
  • 'Ahead of consensus: a paediatric antifungal prophylaxis census' in the Internal Medicine Journal 2015; 45(3): 364-365
Pablo Bonvehi
Robert Cohen
  • Cohen R, Bingen E, Levy C, Thollot F, Boucherat M, Drrkx V, Varon E. 'Nasopharynveal flora in children with acute otitis media before and after implementation of 7 valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in France'. BMC Infectious Diseases 2012; 12: 52.


  • Dagan R, Pelton S, Bakaletz L, Cohen R. 'Prevention of early episodes of otitis media by pneumococcal vaccines may reduce progression to complex otitis media'. The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2016;16:480-492.
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  • Dagan R, Ashkenazi S, Livni G, Go O, Bagchi P, Sarnecki M. 'Long-term serological follow-up of children vaccinated with a pediatric formulation of virosomal hepatitis A vaccine administered with routine childhood vaccines at 12-15 months of age'. Pediatr Infect Dis J 2016;35:e220-8.
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Javier Garau
  • Garau J, Ostermann H, Medina J, Avila M, McBride K, Blasi F, REACH Study Group. 'Current management of patients hospitalized with complicated skin and soft tissue infections across Europe (2010-2011)': assessment of clinical practice patterns and real-life effectiveness of antibiotics from the REACH Study. Clinical Microbiology and Infection 2013; 19(9): e377-85.
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Peter Hermans
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Satoshi Iwata
  • Ubukata K, Chiba N, Hanada S, Morozumi M, Wajima T, Shouji M, Iwata S. 'Invasive Pneumococcal Diseases Surveillance Study Group.: Serotype Changes and Drug Resistance in Invasive Pneumococcal Diseases in Adults after Vaccinations in Children, Japan, 2010-2013'. Emerg Infect Dis. 2015 Nov;21(11):1956-65.
  • Iwata S, Kawamura N, Kuroki H, Tokoeda Y, Miyazu M, Iwai A, Oishi T, Sato T, Suyama A, François N, Shafi F, Ruiz-Guiñazú J, Borys D.: 'Immunogenicity and safety of the 10-valent pneumococcal nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae protein D conjugate vaccine (PHiD-CV) co-administered with DTPa vaccine in Japanese children: A randomized, controlled study'. Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2015;11(4):826-37.
Walerie Hryniewicz
  • Skoczyńska A, Kuch A, Waśko I, Golębiewska A, Ronkiewicz P, Markowska M, Wasiak K, Hyrniewicz W.  'Invasive meningococcal disease in patients under 20 years of age in Poland 2009-2011'. Pediatria Polska 2012; 87(5): 438-43.
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Satoshi Iwata
  • Matsubara K, Fujino M, Takeuchi K, Iwata S, Nakayama T. 'A new method for detection of neutralizing antibodies against mumps virus'. PLoS ONE 2013; 8(7): e65281.
  • Article on the genetic analysis of resistant Moraxella catarrhalis in the Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy April 2015
Roman Kozlov
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Shabir Madhi
  • Schrag SJ, Cutland CL, Zell ER, Kuwanda L, Buchmann E, Velaphi SC,Groome MJ, Madhi SA. 'Risk factors for neonatal sepsis and perinatal death among infants enrolled in the Prevention of Perinatal Sepsis Trial, Soweto, South Africa'. Pediatr Infect Dis J; 2012, 2012, 31 (8): 821-6
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E.D McIntosh
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Jose Melo Cristino
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Hiroshige Mikamo
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Nobuhiko Okabe
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Mario Ramirez
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Jordi Rello
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  • Understanding the concept of healthcare associated pneumonia (HCAP) in lung transplant patients” in Chest on 5th March 2015
Markus Rose
  • Rose MA, Damm O, Greiner W, Knuf M, Wutzler P, Liese JG, Krűger H, Wahn U, Schaberg T, Schwehm M, Kochmann TF, Eichner M. 'The epidemiological impact of childhood influenza vaccination using live-attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) in Germany: predictions of a simulation study'. BMC Infectious Diseases 2014; 14: 40.
Atef Shibl
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Daniel Stecher
  • Stecher D, Gaiano A, Biscayart C, Gentile A, Ayala SG, Lopez E, Bonvehi P, Yedlin P, Janusz C, Vizzotti C. 'National Immunization Commission: strengthening evidence-based decision making in Argentina'. Vaccine 2014; 32(16): 1778-80.
Robert Steffen
Serhat Ünal
  • Ludwig E, Unal S, Bogdan M, Chlibek R, Ivanov Y, Kozlov R, et al. 'Regional advisory board position statement on optimal pneumococcal vaccination in adults. Update to 2011 consensus on adult pneumococcal disease: update on optimal pneumococcal vaccination in adults'. Central European Journal of Public Health 2013; 21(4): 233-6.
Carla Vizzotti
  • Biscayart C. Carrega ME. Sagradini S. Gentile A. Stecher D. Orduna T. Bentancourt S. Jimenez SG. Flynn LP. Arce GP. Uboldi MA. Bugna L. Morales MA. Digilio C. Fabbri C. Enria D. Diosque M. Vizzotti C. 'Yellow fever vaccine-associated adverse events following extensive immunization in Argentina'. Vaccine 2014; 32(11): 1266-72.

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